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The Chess. Annual tournament on prize Y. S. Balashova

Burial mound

The Chess section of the newspaper "Burial mound and Kurgan". Author V. I. Panikovskiy

Chess tournaments to Russia

Chess in Zauralie


Pevyy prize. The Tasks. Begin contest 18.10.2005 completion 10.12.2005.

The Position of the contest on in absentia to decision orthodox composition.

Zigbert Tarrash

"Portentous" tie up was played On Drezdenskom tournament 1892 in parties Valibrodt - Tarrash. Here is this party: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. ed ed 4. Kf3 Sd6 5. Sd3 Kf6 6. 0-0 0-0 7. c3 c6 8. Sg5 Sg4 9. Kbd2 Kbd7 10. Fc2 Fc7. The Tie up!

"Party this, - an irony one critic, - has a double interest: first, we shall hear that gg. Valibrodt and Tarrash have firmly studied the theoretical moves to french party and, secondly that Tarrash - a prophet, since two years back he has written the article, where derided itself like play "to tie up". Here is this party: 1. Kf3 Kc6 2. Kc3 Kf6 3. Kg1 Kb8 4. Kb1 Kg8 5. Kh3 (white will arouse other way of the development of the play) Kh6 6. Ka3 Ka6. Both players, having made sure in full equality of their own knowledges, consented to tie up".

Particularly angry raised an objection to such draw CHigorin.

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Non-standard chess problems newspaper "AZIZ" May-June 1993

Position about 5-m stage of the Cup to Russia on chess amongst youth 2005

The Ballyhoo. II-y Memorial Hero USSR Evstafieva.

Have Played in its power, original of the article from newspaper "Iseti".

Alexander Obukhov (2522) - grandmaster! We Congratulate the snowbird, inhabitant of the city Gubkinskiy from the whole Kurganskoy area and from city SHadrinska particularly.

Tournament on prize chapters Ketovskogo region of the June 11-12

The Contest was Terminated!

I tournament on prizes Y. Balashova 2002

II tournament on prizes YU. Balashova 2003

Combined team SHAAZA against assembly Burial mound or Championship Kurganskoy area amongst labor group

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