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Position of the contest on decision orthodox composition


1 For decision is offered 20 tasks


1 Gross amounts possible spectacles that is to say, that amount, which possible take maximum 90 4 For invalid decision spectacles do not leave


1 In contest can participate all interested persons not dependent from age and qualifications
2 For participation in contest it is enough to send on address el-mails to judges demand about participation, but afterwards decisions building
3 When sending decision follows to send all decisions, which participant smog to solve
4 Demands must contain following participant data a Surname Name Patronymic name city and Country, in which lives
5 Participations in contest only individual


1 In contest there is 1 2 3 4 places
2 Winners of the contest are considered that participant, which has taken more all spectacles
3 At equality spectacles advantage is given that participant beside who greater amount correct solved task
4 On equality participant on 2 and 3 points of the place are divided between participant
5 Winners gets 10$


1 Judge of the contest E.ABDULLAEV (Azerbaijan) abdullaev-elmar@bk.ru

Answers to tasks

1 Answers to tasks follows to send in address of the judges before 10 12 2005
2 Contests begins since day of the premises task on www.chess45.ru
3 Results of the contest will be known after 20 days
4 After outflow 20 day periods judge contest will send results a participant contest
5 Names of the winners of the contest, as well as name all participant will be on put www.chess45.ru


1 Organizes contest an administration site www.chess45.ru Aleksey Dyukov

It Is Forbidden

1 Is Forbidden use the auxiliary facilities chess programs